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Colorado River

by Chris Moore

The afterglow of the setting sun illuminates the Colorado River under Toroweap, a remote location in the Grand Canyon.


Up Above

a photograph from the highest ground of a skyscraper, promoting a row of skyscrapers in a morning fog that slowly dissolves

Do you see me?

a cat peeking from below a table surface so only eyes and ears are visible

Garden Hotel

Singapore, Parkroyal Garden Hotel


a hotel with lots of grass and plants on its terraces

My Little Pony

a newborn pony next to a ruler - it's not even as high as the ruler is!

Ice Tiger

an ice sculpture of a tiger about twice the size of an average human

The Park

a row of rectangular shaped (cut) trees next to a golf-like grass yard

Happy and Clever

two children who just caught 2 fish in a rain under a big green leaf, sitting on a small bridge

they just shine 🙂

Happy Birthday!

lovely 🙂

Everybody Jump

Our Mother Earth from a little different perspective 🙂


a group of people who just jumped from a plane, free-falling towards an ocean with a small island below them forming a circle holding hands during the fall