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A Wander Around Paradise

a small creek with brilliantly clear green water, a few small sand rocks inside and green-yellow trees all around



Getting warmer again :)

Something to look forward to now 😛


autumn picture of a colorful valley with multicolored trees, green grass, a farm with wooden houses and a blue sky

No Rush

two leopards sitting on a long dirt road, watching the scenery down the hill

Stay Wild

wild horses during a sunset

River of Flowers

blue flowers that run through a forest in such a way that it reminds of a river


a painting of many bright colorful flowers in a garden


Good morning 🙂


a rising run behind a snowy tree branch


an emerald wave of water on the beach in Rio


Space Volcano

Erupting volcano as seen from space 🙂


a photograph of an erupting volcano from space, pushing out a cloud of grey and brown cloud that turns white as it gets higher into the atmosphere


Never Give Up

Stand for what you believe, even if that means standing alone.


a single tulip that grows on a cleared pathway between two other rows of tulips