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A Life Without Hunger

father lion carefully licking and cleaning the head of a young deer


Happy and Clever

two children who just caught 2 fish in a rain under a big green leaf, sitting on a small bridge

they just shine 🙂

Happy Birthday!

lovely 🙂

If Only for a Second

The Bear and the Hare

Never Give Up

Stand for what you believe, even if that means standing alone.


a single tulip that grows on a cleared pathway between two other rows of tulips

Sleeping Sisters

two cats sleeping, hugging each other and additionally, when looked from an upside down perspective, creating a heart-like shape

About a Dog and a Bird..

Universal Beauty

Not just that of a butterfly, but also that of all tenderness in the world 🙂


a chimpanzee smiling tenderly on a blue butterfly on its hand


… can one day save our very selves 🙂