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The Hunt

No longer a domain of humanity…


chimpanzee catching fish with a sharp wooden stick

…or has it ever been?


Everybody Jump

Our Mother Earth from a little different perspective 🙂


a group of people who just jumped from a plane, free-falling towards an ocean with a small island below them forming a circle holding hands during the fall

River of Flowers

blue flowers that run through a forest in such a way that it reminds of a river

Temple of Poseidon

a little red part of the Moon shining right above and beyond the ruins of Posseidon's temple


Red Winter

It don’t seem too cold, does it? 😛


sunset from a frozen cliff

Family Picture

Hey kids, make sure everyone fits in!


a bunch of whizzes posing for a family photo

smile 🙂

Waiting Line

Today, everyone waits for their gift… but these little ones wait for something entirely different 🙂


a queue of various dog types waiting for a tree to become vacant, as there's a dog peeing on it right now

a toilet tree!

Curious Little Fella

a newborn little curious Cobra snake emanating from the egg


Astonishing Size

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere nearby this fella 😛


a really huge crocodile jumping up from the water heading for a bit of meat that one person is feeding him for the show


Santa, Jean-Luc Picard and Gandalf

Can’t reblog! 😀 😀 😀

The only time when Santa is less cool is when surrounded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Gandalf! Tweeted by Patrick Stewart@SirPatStew and Photo enhanced by Google! Thanks Google!

jean-luc picard and gandalf sitting together in santa's lap