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In the middle of a desert πŸ™‚


a path with s small stone tower surrounded by trees and with a little reservoir below it, all surrounded by hills of sand

a mirage? πŸ™‚



May your pathways be mostly green πŸ™‚


green alley with very well preserved English grass and a bench in the middle





houses carved into an orangey, sand-like stone wall during a clear night with dark blue sky and a full moon shining

Please, please, please :)

a jaguar face with the classic cat eyes on something


Ban Gioc–Detian Falls – Sino-Vietnamese Border


a picture of a distant waterfalls, a river, nice green woods and mountains in the far


Music in words πŸ™‚


a barbed wire with notes and other music symbols made of metal attached to it

keep it flowing πŸ™‚

Winter NYC

Brilliant picture πŸ™‚


a photo shot of a snowy street in NYC with a view towards the Empire State Buiding

brrr πŸ˜›

Zakynthos Island, Greece

… and the room comes with a built-in 75-inch 3D HDTV!


a view from inside a stone circular wall without roof, wooden table with fruit and some dining accessories in the middle, cushions all around and a big, around 70 inch hole in the shape of a big plasma TV looking at dark blue sea with a few small islands

beat that!


In colors…


beautiful photo of a lake in Argentina with mountains below it during a sunset, blue color prevails on the picture

like a painting πŸ™‚

Rainbow Kitties

4 kitties on a branch surrounded by pink flowers, each of them has fur of a different color - blue, pink, violet, green

such a wonderful collage πŸ™‚